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In Silico Get Together 15.11.2019 Graz

In Silico Get Together 15.11.2019 Graz

Um für die stetig wachsende Relevanz von In Silico-Ersatzmethoden eine Diskussionsplattform zu schaffen , wurde am 15.11.2019 ein In Silico Get Together von Gernot Plank (Assoz. Prof., Forschungsgruppe Precision Medicine, Gottfried Schatz Forschungszentrum) und Beate Rinner (Assoz. Prof. PD Dr., Core Facility Alternative Biomodels and Preclinical Imaging, RepRefRed-Society Vorstandsmitglied) in Kooperation mit der RepRefRed-Society an der Medizinischen Universität Graz organisiert.


Gerhard Thallinger:
Integrative Analysis of OMICS Data 

Christian Baumgartner:
Computational Modeling in Cardiac, Neural and Cancer Electrophysiology 

Helena Schmidt:
Dissecting complex diseases by genetic epidemiology: the role of in silicons methods 

Gernot Plank:
In silico models of human cardiac electrophysiology - Towards in silico-based medical device development and clinical decision support systems 

Christoph Augustin:
In silico models of cardiovascular mechanics as a tool for medical device development 

Justyna Niestrawska:
Experimental and Computational Analysis of Healthy and Diseased Abdominal Aortas to Understand the Pathogenesis of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms 

Christian Gruber:
Next generation enzyme discovery: AI based identification and optimization of enzyme candidates using 3D point-cloud Catalophores 

Fleur Jeanquartier:
Open data for bioinformatics research 

Leila Taher:
Functional and Evolutionary Insights into Vertebrate Transcriptional Regulation

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