Become a Member

You would like to become a member of the RepRefRed Society?
That pleases us!

Who can become a member?
All natural persons who are scientifically active in the relevant field of biomedical research can become members.

Rights and duties of members
Members are entitled to participate in all events of the association and to use facilities of the associations. In return, an annual membership fee (currently 40 Euro or 20 Euro for full members or 300 Euro for supporting members) is to be paid. All rights and obligations are set out in the statutes.

How do I become a member?
Members are accepted by application by the executive committee of the association. There is no right of acceptance (see statutes). Please fill out the form below (application for membership) and send it to office@reprefred.eu.

Application for Membership

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Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Alternativen
Biomodellen (The 3R Society)
Postfach 0014
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