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Cell Culture Days 2017 Graz

Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering

Bone regeneration in oral surgery
Norbert Jakse

Advanced in vitro skin models for risk and efficacy testing
Florian Gröber

A sensor matrix for artificial skins applications
Anna Maria Coclite

The Human Placenta as a Model for Different Biological Barriers
Christian Wadsack

Improved ex vivo generation of red blood cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells in adherent organoid structures
Bernecker Claudia

Immune Cell Culture

A short history of immunotherapy
Karoline Fechter

CAR-expressing primary NK-Cell
Stephan Klöß

The power of virus-& fungal-specific T cells
Christine Hoffmann-Freimüller

Complement-opsonization as potential DC vaccination strategy against HIV-1

CD44 isoforms guiding CLL-microenvironment interactions
Tanja Hartmann


Bioreactorsfor adherently growing cells
Verena Charwat

New Biomaterial Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
Dominik Rünzler

Genome Extension of the replicative life span of human cells
Regina Grillari

Set up of a perfusion culture system for submerged and Air-Liquidinterface (ALI) conditions
Wilfried Posch

Spheroid Immunostaining
Johanna Niklander

Intestinal organoids as pure epithelial 3D models
Florian Tran

Immune cell culture for personalized medicine
Karoline Fechter

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