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In Silico Get Together 15.11.2019 Graz


Gerhard Thallinger:
Integrative Analysis of OMICS Data 

Christian Baumgartner:
Computational Modeling in Cardiac, Neural and Cancer Electrophysiology 

Helena Schmidt:
Dissecting complex diseases by genetic epidemiology: the role of in silicons methods 

Gernot Plank:
In silico models of human cardiac electrophysiology - Towards in silico-based medical device development and clinical decision support systems 

Christoph Augustin:
In silico models of cardiovascular mechanics as a tool for medical device development 

Justyna Niestrawska:
Experimental and Computational Analysis of Healthy and Diseased Abdominal Aortas to Understand the Pathogenesis of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms 

Christian Gruber:
Next generation enzyme discovery: AI based identification and optimization of enzyme candidates using 3D point-cloud Catalophores 

Fleur Jeanquartier:
Open data for bioinformatics research 

Leila Taher:
Functional and Evolutionary Insights into Vertebrate Transcriptional Regulation

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