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We warmly invite you to join our 3R Online Seminar Series!

On a monthly basis we organize a seminar to address current 3R-relevant developments.
Please find below a list of upcoming and past seminars with information about the topic and the speaker. If you would like to participate in our next talk, we would ask you to register by clicking "Join our next talk" below. A detailed programme can also be found there.

If you are interested in holding an online seminar yourself, please contact us by sending an e-mail to or by clicking "Sign up as a speaker". For past seminars, click the respective button below.

   Upcoming Seminars:

   Past Seminars:


The 3R Days 2021
The 3R Days 2021

10th-12th Nov. 2021

Are you working in biomedical sciences? Do you want to know how to improve animal welfare in preclinical studies or how to replace or reduce them by using alternative methods? The 3R Days are an event where experts coming from different areas like in-vitro research, veterinary medicine or biomedical statistics, will provide you with insights how the future of biomedical research will look like. For further information click on "Read More" below!

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