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Cell Culture Days 2021

When: 4./5.10.2021
Where: online/Medical University Graz/Austria
The Austrian Society for Cytometry (OEGfZ) together with the Division of Biomedical Research, cofunded by the RepRefRed Society, organizes the Cell Culture Days 2021 online/Medical University Graz/Austria. The 2 day program presents lectures and workshops in the field of cell culture, covering 3D Cell, quality control in cell culture, immortalisation, physiological culture conditions (hypoxia, air-liquid interface, etc.), bioreactors/dynamic culture systems incl. sensors (pH, O2, etc.), immune cells, organoids and clinical/translational applications as well as genome editing methods (CripsCas9).
A detailed programme can be downloaded here.

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Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Alternativen
Biomodellen (The 3R Society)
Postfach 0014
A-8036 Graz