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3R Days 2021: PL BioScience GmbH - Moving towards xeno-free cell culture media: Human platelet lysate outperforms FBS


Fetal bovine serum is still a component of many cell cultures in preclinical research since it provides a broad spectrum of molecules known to support cell attachment and growth and is relatively cheap to aquire.

Human platelet lysate on the other hand offers a promising alternative to make cell cultures completely animal free without the ethical concerns regarding the large scale extraction of FBS. Dr. Anna Kolkmann, scientist at PL BioScience, will present a HPL-based platform called ELAREM and talk about HPL outperforming FBS as cell culture media.

We are looking forward to it!

Below you will find the corresponding abstract.

Dr. Kolkmann`s talk is scheduled for Scientific Day 2 on Nov. 12, 2021.

Members of the RepRefRed Society get a discount, for more information see the event description!

Here you can read the abstract:

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Download the abstract here instead!

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