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3R Days 2021: Peter Ertl - Organ-on-a-chip Technologies: in vitro veritas?


Currently Organs-on-a-chip are probably the most publicly perceived replacement method for animal experiments. They allow for the biological, chemical and physical manipulation of microphysiological systems and analysis of minimal functional units of human organs and tissues.

Therefore, we are pleased that Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Peter Ertl, researcher at the Technical University of Vienna, will talk about the current state-of-the-art and selected applications for organs-on-a-chip in personalized medicine during the upcoming 3R Days.

We are looking forward to it!

Below you will find the corresponding abstract.

Dr. Ertl`s talk is scheduled for Scientific Day 2 on Nov. 12, 2021.

Members of the RepRefRed Society get a discount, for more information see the event description on Eventbrite!

Here you can read the abstract:

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Download the abstract here instead!

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