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A3RC Online-Event: Unused surplus animals from laboratory animal breeding

Published on: Friday, 05 27 2022 10:00

In agreement with the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, the Austrian 3R Center annually dedicates itself to certain key topics. This event focusses on non-used animals from laboratory animal breeding.

  • How can better breeding management avoid surplus animals?
  • What other ways are there to reduce surplus animals?
  • How do commercial breeders deal with this issue and what strategies do they use?


Language: English


Platform: Webex


Date and time: Tuesday, 7th of June 2022, 09:30-12:00 am (CET), registration until 5th of June 2022



Thomas Kolbe

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna


Auke Boersma

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna


Jean Habyarimana

Alexander Aslanidis

Janvier LABS



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