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How to increase reproducibility in animal trials? Dilemmas and strategies

Published on: Monday, 05 30 2022 16:00

The CENTER FOR BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH at the Medical University Vienna invites to a two-days workshop about "How to increase reproducibility in animal trials? Dilemmas and strategies" from the 9th-10th of June 2022 in the Emanuel Merck Auditorium at the Medical University of Vienna.

The lack of replicability of scientific results obtained in pre-clinical animal trials has been well studied over the last two decades. It is a real problem with real consequences. How can one expect that preclinical results will translate into clinical therapies when there is a certain lack of validity in the underlying pre-clinical research to begin with?

Admission is free. Space is limited therefore registration is required.

Please find the invitation including the detailed schedule here.



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