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3R Days 2021: Alexandra Maertens - Green Toxicology: Making Toxicology a 21st Century Data Driven Science


We are excited to announce Dr. Alexandra Maertens, who works at the Johns Hopkins University Center  for Alternatives to Animal Testing, as one of our many 3R-Day speakers! Dr. Maertens will be speaking about how to take advantage of modern machine learning to map out mechanisms of toxicity - without animals.  

Dr. Maertens` talk will take place on the third day of the 3R Days, Nov. 12, 2021.

Members of the RepRefRed Society get a discount, for more information see the event description!

Here you can read the abstract:

Green Toxicology: Making Toxicology a 21st Century, Data Driven Science

Green Toxicology refers to the use of the tools of toxicology for Green Chemistry.

Central to the goals of Green Chemistry is to design less toxic, more environmentally friendly chemicals - but this can`t happen unless we have a way to conclusively connect chemical structure to the molecular mechanisms of toxicology, something current (animal) assays do poorly, if at all.

Therefore, toxicology will have to evolve into a science that is data-driven and takes advantage of machine learning to map out mechanisms of toxicity in a way that can be more useful for predicting human health hazard.

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