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Online Seminar Series: Refinement of Anaesthesia in Laboratory Animals

Anaesthesia and analgesia in laboratory animals can be a challenge: requirements of the experiment may collide with welfare and ideal management of the individual animal. Therefore, a balance between the interaction of anaesthetics with the data and an adequate level of anaesthesia with stable vital parameters needs to be established. Priv.-Doz. Dr.med.vet. Dipl.ACVAA Eva Eberspächer-Schweda (University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna) presented us possible improvements in laboratory animal anesthesia and analgesia in the seventh lecture of our online seminar series.

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Online Seminar Series: Circumventing immunization by in vitro directed evolution and selection of human antibodies from large surface display libraries

With the recommendation of the EURL ECVAM (ESAC) torwards an animal free antibody generation methods like the phage display are increasingly moving into the focus. Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Florian Rüker (Head of Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, BOKU) was presenting us the method of phage display and its pros and cons in the sixth talk of our online seminar series.

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EUSAAT Virtual Seminar Series 2021

Starting April 15th 2021 the European Society for Alternatives to Animal Testing EUSAAT will host a virtual seminar series about 3R relevant topics.

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Online Seminar Series: Turning apples into oranges? Towards a transparent methodology for the harm-benefit analysis

Univ. Prof. Dr. Herwig Grimm (Head of the Department Ethics and Human-Animal Studies at the Messerli Research Institute in Vienna) was adressing the pros and cons of various approaches to the harm-benefit analysis (HBA) in the fifth talk of our online seminar series. Comparing the main arguments of both metric and the discourse model he outlined a strategy how one could combine these strategies to facilitate evaluation.

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„Alternative Methods to Animal Testing“ annual research grants

The Austrian Science Fond FWF, funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF), is starting an annual research grant programme for innovative projects involving a contribution to the discovery and development of alternative methods.

The programme is funded by the BMBWF with a budget of 600.000€. The call opens on the 15th of March 2021, and ends on the 17th of May 2021. The award desicions can be expected in December 2021.

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Online Seminar Series: Better practices in animal testing

In our fourth talk Urte Jaeh (EU Scientific Service Support Manager, Charles River) informed about strategies on how to improve genetic monitoring, archiving and background definition of various mouse strains in order to increase the robustness of scientific results. We especially recommend this talk to everyone involved in the breeding management of animal facilities! Thank you for your insights!

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Online-Seminar-Series: Optimizing human infection models for drug repurposing

Prof. Dr. Doris Wilflingseder from the Medical University of Innsbruck and deputy chairwoman of The RepRefRed-Society held a talk in the third episode of our Online-Seminar-Series. After outlining the necessity of high-throughput in-vitro human infection models to accelerate the repurposing of already available drugs (which has been proven of utmost importance during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic) she shared some fascinating insights into the current work of her team, wich will be published in the near future alongside the recorded talk. We would like to thank you for your outstanding presentation!

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Online-Seminar-Series: Advanced 3D tissue culture

In the second episode of our RepRefRed-Online-Seminar-Series, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Michael Ausserlechner from the Medical University of Innsbruck gave the audience an insight into 3D- Bioprinting, the pitfalls of 2D-cell cultures and animal experiments in terms of translatability and how the techniques developed by his team could further improve replacement methods for animals experiments. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

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EARA Membership

The RepRefRed Society joined EARA - European Animal Research Association in November 2020.

We are looking forward to the cooperation!

Online-Seminar-Series: Experimental Replication in Animal Trials

In the first episode of our new RepRefRed-Online-Seminar-Series Assoc. Prof. Dr. Florian Frommlet from the Medical University of Vienna held a talk on the increasingly important subject of reproducibility of scientific results in animal trials during preclinical research. Using various statistical approaches he tested common practices for methodological flaws and gave recommendations on how to improve reproducibility in animal trials. This way detecting and therefore preventing errors from happening during the planning stage of study design should become easier, which will eventually lead to less animals used in preclinical research. Thank you for your interesting talk!

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Webinar and Meeting Calendar of Norecopa

National Consensus Platform for the advancement of "the 3 Rs" of Norway - collects events related to the 3Rs in its webinar and meeting calendar.

Follow the links to future events as well as to the recordings of past presentations.

Animal Model Biomaterial-Collection

Reduction of the number of animals needed for research by passing on biological materials

As the animal experiment statistics 2019 of the Austrian Ministry of Science have shown, the number of animals used in animal experiments has increased compared to the previous year. Therefore, the development of alternative methods is now to be accelerated in order to reduce the number of animals. However, a reduction in the number of animals can also be achieved by a more efficient use of animals already used for research purposes. This is the goal of the group around Dr. Monika Wieser. The basic idea is that scientists share biological material with the research community.

Learn more about the Animal Model Biomaterial-Collection in the flyer or contact Dr. Monika Wieser directly.

Non-Animal-Derived Antibodies

Around 1 million animals are used annually for the generation and production of antibodies, although there are alternative methods available that do not use animals.

Now the Scientific Advisory Committee of EURL ECVAM (ESAC) has published a recommendation for "animal-free" antibody generation and production. Methods such as "phage display", for which the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2018 was awarded, should be used for the production of antibodies in the future.

Please find here the original report or the recommendation as download.
The RepRefRed Society and "Animal Protection in Schools"

The association "Tierschutz macht Schule" (Animal Protection in Schools) works for better living conditions for pets, farm animals, experimental and wild animals in our society. To this end, the critical examination of all aspects of animal protection, the avoidance of radical points of view and the willingness for further education and objective discussion is the basis of the work of "Tierschutz macht Schule".

The RepRefRed Society is happy to support this work and was able to contribute to the teaching booklet "Tierprofi-Versuchstiere" of the association "Tierschutz macht Schule" and to introduce itself briefly. In this teaching booklet the rat "Rita 3R" leads informatively through various aspects of animal experiments.

The booklet can be ordered free of charge, excluding postage, from the association "Tierschutz macht Schule".

Target groups: 7th-12th grade

www.tierschutzmachtschule.at under "Service"

Here you can find the text of the booklet.

ECOPA Membership

We are proud to announce that the RepRefRed Society is now a member of ECOPA, the European Consensus-Platform on Alternatives. We are looking forward to working together and to projects in the field of 3Rs.
European directive for the introduction of a common training in the EU states

Following the decision on the first 3Rs Day, the Austrian university animal protection bodies will push forward the standardisation of animal experimentation education in Austria.

To this end, the European Union working paper will be implemented.

Presentation about the "education-new" in Austria

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