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CIRS-LAS - Reporting of critical incidents in laboratory animal science
Monday, 12 13 2021

An adequate error culture is an important step for the welfare of laboratory animals. During the 3R Days, Dr. Sabine Bischoff, Head of the Animal Welfare Unit at Jena University Hospital in Germany, presented her CIRS-LAS project for this purpose. CIRS-LAS is intended to serve as a reporting platform for critical incidents and errors in animal research, based on the CIRS reporting systems used in human medical patient care. Find out more here!

LAS interactive - Knowledge protects animals
Wednesday, 10 13 2021

Animal welfare in laboratory animal science can only be guaranteed if scientists and technical staff have a high level of specialist knowledge. The more well-founded and up-to-date the existing knowledge is, the better this can be ensured. To this end, LAS interactive offers the free platform VTK-Online as well as the fee-based platform LAS Campus, which are intended to enable scientists, students, representatives of authorities, but also trainers and technical staff to expand their knowledge.

Non-Animal-Derived Antibodies

Around 1 million animals are used annually for the generation and production of antibodies, although there are alternative methods available that do not use animals.

Now the Scientific Advisory Committee of EURL ECVAM (ESAC) has published a recommendation for "animal-free" antibody generation and production. Methods such as "phage display", for which the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2018 was awarded, should be used for the production of antibodies in the future.

Please find here the original report or the recommendation as download.

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