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Online Seminar Series: Better practices in animal testing


In our fourth talk Urte Jaeh (EU Scientific Service Support Manager, Charles River) informed about strategies on how to improve genetic monitoring, archiving and background definition of various mouse strains in order to increase the robustness of scientific results. We especially recommend this talk to everyone involved in the breeding management of animal facilities!

Genetically engineered mice are important models for interpreting basic biological processes, studying gene mutations and disease phenotypes, and modelling human disease.
Do you want to quickly find mouse strain information essential to conducting your research and learn strategies for navigating rich databases and to learn how mouse strain choice impacts research data quality and especially reproducibility?
Watch the video to learn about:
  • Crisis of Reproducibility
  • Finding mouse strains to support your research
  • Quick guide on Nomenclature
  • Selecting the appropriate mouse strain background and control mice
  • Ensuring the genetic integrity of your mouse colony
  • Brief insight of managing efficient breeding schemes
  • Standardization at Laboratory Animals (biosecurity, housing, breeding)

More Information: Charles River Laboratories | Ressources


Urte Jäh (Dipl. Biol.)
EU Scientific Service Support Manager
Research Models and Services
Tel.: +49 (0)172 826 4406


Christine Schurr, Dr. rer.
Business Development Manager
Research Models and Services
Tel.: +49 (0)172 8288952

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